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Corporate Business

Given the economic environment that we live in and the fact that everybody is now educating themselves with respect to financial products, it is as important for companies aswell as individuals to regularly cost their financial products.

The corporate issues that O'Neill & Associates look after are:

  • Group Life
  • Group Disability
  • Group Pensions/PRSA's
  • Executive/Director's Pensions
  • Keyperson Insurance
  • Buy/Sell Insurance

Rates for all types of insurance products have reduced over the last 18 months so it pays to put Group 'Risk' policies out to 'tender' more often than before, especially if you are not dealing with a broker at present.

With respect to pensions business, there is so much changing here that everyone needs to be briefed a lot more regularly to keep up-to-date. Customers are a lot more conscious of fund choice and the volatility of fund performance. Since the introduction of the Pensions levy customers are also a lot more conscious of charges and allocation rates.

In brief, the customer is now most definetly 'King' and we, as Financial Brokers, tailor plans to meet the specific objectives of our customers.

Contact us now with any questions, queries or concerns and we will be delighted to give you an informed opinion of your existing position.

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